Thursday, February 28, 2008

Playing Sports

IndividuallyPlaying SportsYou may feel responsibility for your own success or satisfaction. Many times, entertaining ourselves stems from being neglected by others, so we dream of playing alone and enjoying ourselves in spite of them. Other times, it is a product of distancing ourselves from others, even if perhaps they would want us to play in the group.

Do you feel a sense of loneliness or comfort in the dream?

With Others
Playing SportsDreaming of playing with others can be a symptom of your need to enhance your interpersonal communication skills. It can also inform you of the possibility that you have been neglecting communion with others, and that you need to seek more camaraderie in your life.

Was the game in the dream for fun or competition?


Susie said...

I am as lazy in my dreams as I am in real life so I never dream about sports.. Would kind of be worried if I did.. I guess all of this depends on which dream you had.. So which was it.. with others or individual.. and did any of it make sense to you?

Cigamybab said...

With Other...
I don't care 4 Sports in less it involves drinking.
Must of been a Super bowl Dream.
I don't watch sport but i love to drink during super boll.
I root against the team every body else wants to win like the Green Bay Packer.
I always vote against the Green Bay Packers...