Sunday, March 02, 2008


ArchetypesArchetypesAn archetype is a way of seeing oneself in a dream experience. Many people dream at one time or another of doing something heroic. We all know what a heroic action is by a sort of mystic human understanding of goodness and sacrifice. This mystic understanding is the archetype-the event of being a hero is an archetype experience.

There are many archetypes in life. Carl Jung formulated these out of his studies of human beings and mythologies around the world. In many ethnic and religious backgrounds, there are myths that embody the ultimate version of various archetype experiences. An example of a hero myth may be Hercules or Sinbad.

We are prone to see ourselves as archetypal figures at transition points in our lives.

Change generally brings about anxiety and self-reflection. Going from education to the work force, singlehood to marriage, or childless to parent are some archetypal transitions.

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