Sunday, March 09, 2008


CarsOften times, the car is simply the best mode of transportation within a dream. In that case, the rest of the dream is more important than the car itself. However, if the dream includes significant data about the car, that image may be worth a deeper look. There are numerous car images in our dream lives. These may include accidents, being a passenger in a car, buying a car, or driving a car.

Accidents usually reveal perceived threats, vulnerabilities, or anxieties about the well-being of those we love. They may also reflect a sense of being out-of-control or unable to protect others sufficiently. Dreams of this nature can also have a strong premonition feeling to them that inspire additional caution the following morning. deja-vu may be a very powerful element, as well, if the accident occurred on a road often traveled. Heightened sensitivity to careless habits might be a good idea following an accident dream.

Being a passenger in a car may indicate that you feel the driver has control over your destiny. The driver may even be a public figure, such as a celebrity or politician. In these instances, your feelings about the driver and how trustworthy he is can be significant.

Buying a car is often a wish-fulfillment or problem-solving dream. These dreams reflect a desire to acquire something that is beyond your means in waking life. If you are in the market for a car, your dreams may actually be trying to help differentiate the best choice.

Driving a car is roughly the opposite of being a passenger in one.

However, the passengers may reflect persons to whom you feel an acute sense of responsibility. Again, they may be figures from almost any area of your life. What is important is how you relate to them and how you all agree or differ on your destination.

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