Wednesday, March 05, 2008


MuseumPlaces that collect artifacts provide pictures of our past and the persons, events, or activities that have influenced us most. Regardless of what museum you visit-history, art, wax, or special interest-the artifacts or with whom you are viewing them will indicate a facet of your waking life needing attention.

If you are in a history museum, the objects may all point towards a branch of the family tree. The way you feel about the artifacts you view will undoubtedly reflect your feelings about the situation or people illustrated in the dream. You may be shown that you need to do some repair work.

What pride or embarrassment do you derive from your history as a human being and member of a family?

A wax museum may reveal that you are dehumanizing people in relationships. This can be positive, if you have given away too much power. However, often it is a negative sign that you are treating others as objects without regard for their humanity.

The art museum can be a restful place or a place of recounting life experiences both good and bad. You may not be in any of the paintings or you may be in all of them. Depending on your exposure to art, you may view only a particular genre or artist.

However, what you view is showing you truth about yourself.

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