Monday, March 10, 2008

Sending Coded Messages

Sending Coded Messages
Sending Coded MessagesWe all go through times of struggle against the world. In these times, we are inclined to hold our cards pretty close to our chin. In dreaming, this may be expressed as sending coded messages or communication..Privacy is a tenuous feature in this world. The need for human association calls us toward exposure, while our need for personal security draws us to pull the shades.

Consequently, we simultaneously expose and cover through coded communication.

This dream may reflect a feeling that only one or two people in your life can comprehend your deepest thoughts and fears. Another scenario is that you are looking for a safe way to express guilt. A third option is that others cannot comprehend your meaning.

Who is the message for and why did it need to be coded?

Did the receiver understand the code?

Were you in captivity, spying, or trying to conceal your meaning in a public forum for other intentions?

This may indicate that the code is a metaphor for a deeper sense of relationship you share with certain others in your life or profession.

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