Tuesday, June 17, 2008


DancingDancing can be a powerful psychological or spiritual release for people. Many primitive cultures view dancing as a sacred, as well as recreational, event. Dancing before religious icons has been a symbol of praise and sacrifice to divinity for thirty centuries or longer. Often these dances were done to elicit favor or providence from the gods.

In contemporary culture, dancing is more recreational as an offshoot of mating ritual. All this is a fancy way to say we dance in hopes of getting lucky. As such, dancing has taken on more sexual connotations for many people.

If you are dancing alone, this may be a regression to a more sacred understanding of dance. Some people use metaphors like, "I'm dancing as fast as I can" to illustrate their sense of relationship to the world. This may include dancing alone or dancing individually for an audience.

Dancing with others may include a sense of uncoordinated participation with the world around you, depending on the dance and nature of clothing. Do you fit in well? Another variation on dancing with others is moving through diversity in relationships. This may be especially true if you are considering beginning a romantic relationship among several choices of partner.

Others dancing for you may indicate your perception of them, especially if the dance has flirtatious or overt sexual content. This may reflect either your feelings of desire for them or a sense of their desire for you. Dreams of this kind may strike the dreamer as crass or exhibitionist in nature.

If you are dancing alone, is the style of dance appropriate to solitary movement, or are you dancing in a waltz pose without a partner? Perhaps you feel as though the others are not following your lead or fulfilling their half of the deal in a relationship.

If the dance and music seem incongruent, or if you are dancing without music, are you doubting the appropriateness of any facet of your life or relationships?

If others are dancing for you, is it sexual, performance, or ceremonial-and why?

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