Sunday, June 29, 2008


DiningThe act of social eating is an interesting mixture of sensuality, personal interaction, and just plain survival. In dreaming, it is usually remarkable for the camaraderie that accompanies it or the method of preparing the meal.

The dinner table has always been central to the family myth. We see one another and communicate the most around the dinner table. Even in families where communication was vague or non-existent, the dinner table was the central, or only, place of meeting. In dreams, these eating events may include characters who have long since passed on, or who you may have only met through pictures. The people eating the meal together should always be examined to see if anyone is notable either for their presence or absence.

What is being eaten is also worth examination. In some families, particular dishes become associated with the family identity in general or particular members of the family. These may include foods no one particularly likes or good foods prepared by someone nobody particularly likes. The point is that food becomes a symbol for our lore and story as a family.

Of course, a nonsensical meal or method of preparing may also accompany the eating event. This may reflect either the absence or presence of particular characters or a lack of knowledge given a preparation that is outside the family's traditional menu. The symbol content of the food (liver, who died of liver trouble?) or persons involved with particular foods should be associated through the memory.

Is the dining situation a friendly one or even a celebration? Is the food very unusual or otherwise remarkable? Does the fact that you are dining with certain people in your dream merely provide a setting for those characters to address other issues?

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