Monday, June 30, 2008

Distant Sounds

Distant Sounds
Distant SoundsDistant sounds can be beautiful and frustrating. In dreaming, they may just be rounding out the scene in the suconscious. For example, dreams of beaches or boats may include requisite sounds effects such as waves, fog horns, or birds.

.Sometimes, distant sounds can create a foreboding feeling as well. Some sounds, such as thunder or shouting, may be frustrating because they appear without an apparent source in the dream. These sounds can be alluring and cause you to search, or create a warning that circumstances are changing. Sometimes, you may feel that the sounds are a distinctive message you should be able to understand.

.These sounds are sometimes just for us, other characters in the dream may not be hearing them or responding to them at all. Sometimes, the message is clear to others, but obscure to us. In waking, you may be feeling a disparity between others about a situation they feel is dangerous that you have assurance about or vice versa. You may also perceive others as more perceptive than yourself and be looking for their input in your current circumstances.

.Are you often accused of not listening well by a boss, spouse, or partner?

.Do you feel that your life has an ominous, undistinguished danger lurking on the outskirts of it?

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