Friday, July 11, 2008


DrugsDrug use in dreams is often a sign of taboo violation. Drugs have powerful social symbolism attached to them that makes it difficult for a drug-user to feel good about himself or herself as a user. The exception is use of drugs in spiritual preparation. In certain Native American groups, the use of peyote as dream preparation or during a dream is associated with journeying to find one's self and life vision. As interest in Native American spirituality increases, some people may dream of themselves as participating in sacred rites.

How does using drugs affect your relationship with others in the dream?

Do you fit into or become excluded from a particular group?

Do you feel guilty or good?

Effect of drug use on dreams

Drug use affects the brain by enlarging the time spent in Stage 4 deep sleep and shortening REM-phase dreaming. Since certain drugs are consciousness-altering, they may cause dreamers to feel expanded consciousness prior to going to sleep. However, drug use ultimately disrupts sleep patterns with negative results.

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