Friday, February 20, 2009


FatherFatherFathers are interesting dream figures. They may be presented numerous ways and can create many feelings through their presence. Psychological research has shown that your perception of your father has the most impact on your perception of any higher beings that you may believe in.

As a result, dreams about fathers are often dreams about power, presence, and love. Power is often the first experience we have of our father-he is all-knowing and all-seeing. Discipline is a by-product of this. Fathers may often be present in your life in unusual or sporadic ways depending on your family. Such dreams may create the feeling that perhaps all is not settled in the world.

The appearance of your father may indicate warmth, strength, or the lack of these things in their relation to other aspects of the dream. Also, the appearance of your father if he is deceased probably has to do with unresolved issues (these usually can be deciphered based on the other aspects of the dream).

The most important things to note in dreams that feature your father are: the circumstances surrounding his appearance, others in the scene, your normal relationship with him, and any peculiar aspects to his presence


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