Friday, May 01, 2009


ForestForestForests can seem magical, daunting, majestic, sacred, dangerous, or phallic. Forests exist in a dream context as something to be enjoyed, embraced, avoided, or traversed. These ideas are central to the interpretation.

If a dream is spontaneously set in a forest, then the forest should be considered as a peaceful, benevolent setting or a more dangerous setting. These dreams say something about how the dreamer is experiencing their waking environment.

If the forest is somewhere to go, then who goes in and for what purpose (to acquire or avoid something) is prominent. If it is a singular journey made to acquire good, special powers or wisdom from a forest- dwelling hermit, then the forest is a place of trial and transition. A forest as a hiding place may show that the dreamer is reacting against a feeling of being overexposed to technology and modern business. The desire is for a time of renewal and the majesty of silence in life.

A mixed-couple (in either gender or orientation) journey may give credence to Freudian analysis. Forests can be very romantic places that open us up to desire and potential.

In waking life, is the forest a symbol of peace and rest, being lost or overwhelmed by choices, or discovery?

Do you feel life pressing in on you so densely that you are "unable to see the forest for the trees?"


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