Monday, May 18, 2009

God: Judeo-Christian

God: Judeo-Christian

God: Judeo-Christian
Two great moments in the history of God images have occurred in pop culture recently. The first was George Burns befriending John Denver in the film Oh, God! The more recent one is James Earl Jones dispatching special orders to Roma Downey and Della Reese in the tv show Touched by an Angel. In the first instance, God was approachable and grandfatherly, while in the second He became much more daunting and powerful.

God images in dreams are very diverse. Often, it is not God as a direct visual image that you encounter, but something that is known to contain a projection of God's power and presence (religious icons, a bible); or it is simply a sensation that some high-powered entity is present. Many times, the object or presence will somehow illuminate us to a providential solution to a problem that is confronting us in the dream. Other times, the symbol may block progress as a warning. This may be especially true if we are being confronted with a choice that is luring us towards a taboo experience or relationship.

In these dreams, the content of the revelation should be of primary concern. The presence of God, even as a dream image, is not to be taken lightly. Many times, our waking egos prevent clear awareness of the full supernatural possibility of God. Yet, while sleeping, we may be more receptive to direct communication.

Discerning authentic spiritual content should be the concern of the dreamer. Does the Higher Power that appeared in your dream match up with your view of a Higher Power in waking life?

In military parlance, there are authentication codes for messages to insure that an impostor is not compromising official orders. You should probably employ this type of authentication process before accepting the possibility that you were, indeed, visited by your Supreme Being in a dream.

Checking the content of the revelation for consistency with the character, nature, and intentions of God should be thoroughly explored before acting on any dream revelation.

Did the image of God frighten or threaten you? Consider actions or thoughts in your life which may warrant such policing.

Was your dream guest trying to tell you something? Consider points of confusion in your life to determine if the dream was one of guidance.


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