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IncestIncestDon't panic if you have an incest dream. If you recall a dream like this, the images can be daunting, but they do not necessarily refer to sexual activity or abuse. Take a deep breath and process the images and the situation carefully. Incest may consist of a feeling of romantic or sexual love between family members, as well as actual sexual relations. But it is more likely an indication of less complicated affections.

The anima/animus self (which we may recognize as brother or sister, but which in actuality is a representation of ourselves) may be the object of our affections-in which case the presence of "incest" is simply a confirmation of self-respect or a sense of attraction toward a quality that we ourselves possess.

Other times, we may be recapitulating old experiences in light of new romantic interests. Many young children go through a time of articulating a desire to marry the opposite-gender parent. This is a natural expression of what Freud calls the Oedipus and Electra complex.

It is important to evaluate how you feel about the dream in waking. If there is an overwhelming body awareness that corresponds with a dream of sexual violation, and if it is recurrent, you may want to consider profession intervention.

Incomplete relationships trigger events can be a little frustrating because they conjure dream images of persons or events that we had closed the books on in waking life. It is important to remember that ignoring or removing attention from the past is not the same as healing it. If you have a dream that is particularly powerful due to the memory it conjures, look at what event in current life is parallel to the relationship that is conjured in the dream. It may be a warning that you are heading for another experience similar to the one you have experienced in your dreams.

The punchline is that these relationships do not "automatically" resolve themselves. Our dreams can be a place where we are shown the need for completing these tasks.

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