Wednesday, May 20, 2009


IntimacyIntimacyIntimacy is one of the primary dream emotions. Many times our dreams include elements of intimacy with others whom we desire, or intimacy that escapes us. These dreams reflect our desires for connection to the others in our world. Intimacy with others is not always a synonym for sexual desire in this case. Rather, it can be the feeling of emotionally connecting with others, or, feeling unable to do so. The central interpretive questions are: Do others respond to your overtures for intimacy? Do you seem unable to connect as deeply as you would like? Do you not feel the urge to respond to another's advance for intimacy?

If you dream of romantic intimacy without being able to fulfill it, there maybe unarticulated concerns about your self-esteem, since one's sexual attraction is important to one's sense of overall confidence.

Are you feeling as though people care about you? Or is your love, platonic or otherwise, unrequited? Insight into this dream may become more apparent as you consider whether the object of your desire is a parent figure, child figure, or romantic interest.


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