Saturday, May 23, 2009


JungleJungleThe jungle often hides itself in the density of its own matter. As such, it is a place of great complexity and unknowing. For many of us, the metaphor "it's a jungle out there" describes the unpredictability and potential threats of our world. To be in a jungle usually means you are on a quest for treasure, sacred knowledge, or other things kept in deeply covered and generally inaccessible places.

The danger that you feel about the jungle is also the reason that things of value are kept there. The difficulty in acquiring riches or wisdom heightens the appreciation of them. (Dense urban environments can be a metaphor of the jungle as well.)

In your waking life is the jungle a symbol of all that is wrong with human progress or the place where danger lurks? Some people perceive the jungle as the beauty of undisturbed nature while others feel it is a haven of mystery and danger.

Who is with you or brought you to the jungle?

What are you looking for?


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