Sunday, May 24, 2009


KidnappingKidnappingKidnapping is a powerful image for us because it includes strong victimization and loss-of-power issues. Someone who is kidnapped goes from being in control of their own destiny to being completely in the hands of another.

If you are dreaming of being kidnapped, the obvious questions are: "What is the condition of your captivity; and by whom are you held?"

If you cooperate with your captors, you may be wanting someone to take control of an untidy section of your life. However, you may feel as though your autonomy has been so severely compromised that you lack the ability to manage the situation.

If your captors are somehow familiar, this may reflect a sense that life has entrapped you. Where did your abductors take you and how? Your subconscious may be showing you an area where your life has become excessively entangling to your autonomy.

It may be that somehow your kidnapping allows you to separate from your environment and start again. Perhaps you are wanting a second chance and do not have the courage to take one. By having yourself kidnapped, you have an excuse to act or behave unusually and blame you captors for it.


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