Friday, June 05, 2009

Murder Suicide

Murder / SuicideMurder SuicideCausing death has very diverse meaning depending on who dies, why and how they die, and what interpretive framework seems to fit the death. The changing ethic of death in our society may also begin to effect death in dreams. In recent years, the assisted suicide and euthanasia movements have begun to effect dream presentations of death.

The id is often revealed as a mass murderer in dreams. This is because anger and aggression that cannot be displayed publicly works its way into dreams of wish-fulfillment. Recently, stress has been popularly defined as "choking the life out of someone."

Fortunately, the id can do for you in dreaming what the rest of you would like to do while you're awake.

If you killed a stranger, you may well have been trying to assault a facet of your own personality that is particularly troubling, self-destructive, or shameful to you. By killing the stranger, you are showing your desire to excommunicate this bad aspect from your life. This can be valuable.

It may have been that you killed yourself. Of course, you may not necessarily intend to kill your whole self, just a part of it.

The worthiness of killing yourself in a dream stems from the fact that a pathological tendency or troubling behavior pattern in your personality needs to be resolved. For example, there is never an appropriate time to steal from another. Consequently, if that is part of your personality at some level, your dream life may try to kill it off by projecting the negative facet onto a stranger (representing yourself) who you then dispatch.

However, what is not worthwhile is killing a part of yourself in order to ignore it. Each of us has shadows of our public selves that we hope are pretty well hidden from the perception of others. We often criticize those around us who are most like us in many ways. These shadows need to be accepted and constructively dealt with so they do not turn into pathologies. The act of committing suicide in a dream should be taken fairly seriously. This act says a lot about how you are perceiving yourself and your value as a person. If you continue to have such a dream, and the thoughts of suicide run through your waking mind, it may become more than symbolic. If this happens, you should seek out someone you trust to discuss your life with.


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