Thursday, June 18, 2009


PearlsPearlsThe pearl has become an archetypal semi-precious stone. Individual pearls in dreams usually have to do with moments of personal discovery. Most people who dream of pearls understand where they come from and view the pearl as a treasure to be discovered. However, in dreams the pearl is rarely discovered in an oyster but simply found and conveyed to the dreamer or from the dreamer to others. Usually, this is done as a metaphor for some other kind of conveyance of intimate personal knowledge between the dreamer and other characters in the dream.

Pearl jewelry is often a gift of wealth and is something associated as classical, rather than contemporary. Metaphorically, this could be contrasting old versus new money.

How did you come to possess the pearl or jewelry in your dream?

Was the pearl a material possession or did it seem to have heirloom-quality emotional features to it as well?

Did you experience the pearl as a gift from the world, a gift from another, or a gift you gave to another?

Who was involved in the gift-giving? Did it seem like an event that is congruous with your waking life?


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