Monday, June 22, 2009

Power Relationships and Figures

Power Relationships and FiguresPower Relationships and FiguresIn dreams, one of the central interpretive concerns is the relationship between the dreamer and other dream characters. Usually, the relative power of the dreamer to others is important to understanding the meaning of other dream exchanges. Dreams of police, military figures, possessing supernatural powers, weapons, money, or special knowledge are all dreams of power. The question is, does the power reside with the dreamer or with others in the dream?

If the power resides with you as the dreamer, there are probably feelings of competence, success, and conquest (especially romantic) prevalent in your life right now, or else you are hoping for them. People over whom you assert power may represent a facet of your life that feels out of control.

This relationship becomes particularly complex in dream interpretation if you are leading others in a non-coercive way. Power is not just making others do what you want, but being able to influence cooperation through more subtle means. You may lead injured people, dead people who appear as living in your dreams, or others who are afflicted with some loss of sensory ability.

If the power is exerted by others on you, reference the entry on vulnerability for more insight.



A.Marie said...

Hi there! I finally got back here to visit, and I have a question: I frequently dream that I have forgotten to call into work, and before I know it (in my dream) it has been a week or so and I don't know when I'm supposed to work. It usually involves the work that I did when I was a teen in college. Then, (in my dream), I am in a panic because I can't remember when I need to go in. Got any words of advice for why I dream this?? :)

I really like the pic of the pool; that is cool!

Dr. Lauren said...

I have a reacquiring dream of a boyfriend I had when I was sixteen. He was the the first person I ever loved, and for some reason I still think about him.