Wednesday, June 24, 2009


PyramidsPyramidsPyramids are structures of mystery and power. Traditionally, they have been ascribed with human and universal powers..A pyramid may also appear as a phallic symbol; or as a symbol of virility, creativity, or the ability to solve problems. They may also appear as an invitation to the exotic.

Do you enter the interior of the pyramid, climb the outside of the structure, or walk around it without coming close?

Who are you with when you experience such a powerful object, and what is your relation to that person or persons?

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Carol said...

Simply said and very nice. Need to think on this a while. I think I am one who stands at a distance and honors it.


I haven't oportunity to visit any piramid but when I walk around it I'll tell you my feeling.
Maybe next year I'll go to Egipt.
A bear hug.
Very interesting post.