Thursday, June 25, 2009


QuittingQuittingQuitting is an event that all of us are tempted with at one point in life or another. Whether it is home life, work, or planet earth in general, quitting may feel like the best choice. Virtually everyone has days when selling your possessions and buying a one-way plane ticket somewhere sounds mighty good. However, quitting is rarely about quitting altogether, but rather not wanting to continue under the current circumstances. Quitting is often elective as well. The quitter doesn't want to face the consequences of resigning from life, but rather to avoid the requisite hassles of participating in it.

In dreams, we are often granted the latitude to quit without having to experience consequences. Rather, we can simply eliminate unpleasant facets of life in its troubling condition. This is wonderful, as quitting dreams illuminates our most draining emotional conflicts in waking life.

Many times we quit things in life because we cannot conceptualize solutions to our problems. However, in dreaming, our quitting usually points to the solution to the problem. All of us have what we consider to be feasible and unfeasible solution choices. In dreaming, there are more choices. What you quit from and gravitate toward may be showing you resolution potentials you had not previously considered.

For example, if you dream of quitting your job, what you do next in your dream could be a symbol for a vocational path that holds more reward potential for you. Sipping margaritas on the beach is not very lucrative. However, being a travel agent is a reasonable carrier path.

If you quit your family in a dream, this may be a sign that you need to disengage for a while from significant others. This is not the same as physical separation. Rather, it means that you may need to back away from your usual emotional patterns to find a better modus operandi for relationships.

Quitting life in a "Stop the world, I want to get off" type of statement may indicate that you are tired of trying. This may indicate that either life truly is uncooperative to you or that you need to assess how you address situations in life. It may be that there are self-destructive patterns at work that are undermining your ability to function.

What facet of your waking life is most dissatisfying? Is there a correlation what you quit in your dream?



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