Thursday, July 30, 2009


SkeletonSkeletonThe skeleton is a universal symbol of depletion, death, and secrets. Likewise, in dreams, it can appear in a variety of ways and reveal a variety of things. To discern an appropriate meaning requires examination of the context, and your reaction to the skeleton in the context it appeared.

The depletion scenario often occurs when skeletons are animated-their somewhat taunting presence will seem to exasperate you. Where are you when you find these animated skeletons? Combining the bones with the emotional image of the office, home, or a relative's home will indicate a facet of life where you feel as though someone or something is "sucking you dry." Interestingly, you may not be afraid of these skeletons and possibly may even enjoy them, intuitively realizing that you are related to them and don't mind being their benefactor. (In spite of the fact that you do not want to end up like them!)

Death scenarios are contrasted to the above by the complete lack of animation. Often, there is more fear associated with the discovery of the bones as well.

Upon discovery, did you know whose bones they were and how they came to be there? These dream discoveries may offer insight into a person (or yourself) who is being symbolically killed by their circumstances. This death may be either emotional or physical.

Secrets, or "skeletons in the closet," is the last scenario. Bones of this nature often appear in very inappropriate situations, but don't often generate much reaction among the dream characters. People know there are bones around, but they are not discussed in the dream. By assessing who is in the dream when the bones are found, insights can be drawn about the relationships and loose ends surrounding the person(s). If you are hiding something in waking life, the skeleton bones may appear in your dream in plain sight of some significant other in your life. The fact that that dream character doesn't seem to notice your "skeletons" is the handiwork of your unconscious protecting you. However, such a dream image may be a warning signal that you either need to be more careful about exposing a vice, or cut it out of your life completely.


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