Wednesday, August 12, 2009


StatuesStatuesDreams of statues are fascinating. Whether you stumble across the statues, create them, or become one yourself, dreams of statuary can be challenging to interpret, but offer great insight in return for the effort..If you discover statues randomly, note the kinds of figures they are and the emotions they conjure for you. This type of dream may be a version of the "skeleton in the closet" dream. The statues may also be mythological or spiritual icons.

Another statue scenario is the dreamer making a statue. In these dreams, the statue often represents someone you know (or some facet of your own personality) whom you wish to control or contain. This dream may be signaling a memory that needs to be brought out in the open for resolution.

The dream of being a statue often finds its inspiration in the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Since we cannot move large muscle groups while dreaming, our brains assume we have become statue-like. In dream logic, it makes perfect sense. Being aware of yourself trapped in a statue often reflects that another is wielding excessive control over you.

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SunTiger said...

Naturally dreaming about becoming a statue would mean one thing to one person and something completely different to another.

For me? Being a statue would feel very confining, claustrophobic even. Yikes. Talk about feeling like I'm in prison (just imagining it!).