Monday, August 10, 2009

Team Sports

Team SportsTeam SportsTeam sports are prevalent in our world and seem to be increasing in popularity and diversity. Dreams of team sports include the dreamer as observer, player, or coach. Many times, it's a dream of wish-fulfillment -- just wanting to be a sports legend. However, it the coaches and other players seem very familiar to you, or are actually people from facets of your waking life, the dream has more to say.

Most times, the dream is about participation and connectedness to the common goals held by others in your life.

"Being a team player" and "getting with the program" are emphasized often in work and family these days. Whichever of the three roles you most identify with determines your self-awareness within the team sport.

Observing from the audience may indicate that you are feeling "off the team" or outside the action. Observing as a player who does not enter the game indicates that you feel others are ambivalent about your skills, or you yourself may be so.

Being a player shows your willingness to participate in the game. If you have too many roles on the team or do the work of several players, it may be that you are feeling as though people expect too much from you.

Finally, being the coach is a position of leadership, control, and decision-maker for the success of others. In this case, determining how the team did is important to appreciating the message of this dream.


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