Monday, March 03, 2008


BeatingAre you on the giving or receiving end of the violence? What other persons are involved? Is the beating apparently deserved? The emotional themes that accompany this type of dream are feelings of domination, victimization, control, and anger. The extent and results of the beating are also important to discern. Is the beating a simple fight, or is the goal that of death?

If you are the aggressor, the chances are very high that you have unresolved fear or anger feelings that need to be expressed. The object of your beating personifies the source of these feelings. If your victim is unknown to you, refer to strangers.

If you are the victim, odds are only about fifty-fifty that you will know your attacker. Many times, we are beaten by strangers in our dreams. These strangers may reflect either particular relationships (boss, spouse, etc.) or general fears. However, it is not uncommon to be beaten by archetypal figures. We may be beaten by older members of our same gender during times when we feel our identity is not well-accepted in the world.

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