Tuesday, March 04, 2008


BossThe boss relationship can be translated from dreams in two ways:

1. A significant relationship from some other area of life-spouse, sibling, parent, or friend-may become your boss. If someone from another corner of life becomes your boss, it is likely that you feel that person exerting too much control over your life. It is easy to allow constructive relationships to become controlling at times. You may experience this dream in your usual worksetting, or in some nonsense environment. The place where you and this "surrogate boss" work together in this dream says something about the area of influence in question.

2. Conversely, your boss may become a sibling, spouse, or someone other than a vocational supervisor. If your boss is squirting into your personal life through images of some other, more personal relationship, it may be time to assess your work. Workaholism is the great debilitator of many homes. If your employment is fulfilling other roles reserved for other persons in waking life, it may be time to assess the emotional investment you have in your work. This dream can be healthy in the collegiality it reflects, or as a warning sign for the drain work is putting on your emotional resources.

Finally, if you dream of your boss in the worksetting, you probably are stressed out by your job for any number of reasons. Dreaming of your job in general-particularly if the dream is unremarkable and takes place in real time-usually indicates that you are feeling overworked or are behind at work.

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