Tuesday, March 04, 2008


BodyWho you are in your dreams says a lot about your body image in waking. Many times, you experience your body in dreams as just a regular version of you. However, another time you may see it as idealized or disfigured. These feelings about your body may be communicating how you perceive yourself or how you think others perceive you, for better or worse. Often, how you think about your body reflects how you think about yourself as a whole person.

When an experience of body perception is central to a dream it is worthwhile to analyze the origin of your feelings about the body perception or image. At times, our bodies will dramatically change in dreams to acquire various mystic properties. These include walking through walls, flexibility increases, or changes in height and shape. These are often just problem-solving techniques. However, they may also reveal a sense of limitation from one's body or power over one's body.

Other times, we or others in the dream will transform from a human form into something else. Transitions of this nature can be absurdly funny, or a little frightening. Sometimes, we will adopt a human body that fits the needs of the dream circumstances. This is the anima/animus experience at work in the self. Other times, we can adopt an animal body to achieve a particular goal or character attribute. These events reveal areas where we feel either strong competence or distinct weaknesses in our character. Does your sense of body seem similar to that of waking life?

If changed for the worse, does your body completely prevent you from succeeding in the dream, or does it merely make things more difficult?

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