Tuesday, March 04, 2008


BlessingsAlthough the word is something of an antique in many circles, the idea of a blessing is a powerful one in the human experience. Consequently, giving, seeking, or receiving a blessing are important dream events. Many times, dreams include some kind of conveyance that will fall into this category. The idea of a blessing was central to many ancient cultures. When preparations for death entered its final stages, the dying patriarch or matriarch of a family would convey last wishes or hopes for affirmation onto members of a household. This was a deeply spiritual act that conveyed peace or power onto the next generation. To be overlooked or rejected during the blessing was a sign of disfavor or judgment. These things can come across in your dreams based on the subjects in them and the amount of reverence you have toward them.

In more contemporary times, we can look at these blessings or conveyances in terms of complete versus incomplete relationships. Especially with parents, the blessing or absence thereof carries with it the perception that the relationship did or did not fulfill an expectation of love, nurture, or support.

Receiving a blessing is a sign of closure and ultimate acceptance-finally, the bygones are bygones. No matter what the past provided, hope prevails. Blessings of this kind often include well-wishes, the promise of sufficient resources to succeed in life, or an affirmation of the person as being competent and capable.

Giving a blessing is an act of benevolence. It may reveal how the dreamer sees him or herself in their life cycle or in relationship to the blessee. To give a blessing is to see oneself as a source of help, spiritual power, forgiveness, or encouragement to others. Depending on who is being blessed, it may reveal that someone in relationship to you is not receiving adequate resources for their needs.

Seeking a blessing may reveal a sense of imbalance in a relationship. The dreamer may see himself or herself in a deficit situation with no apparent resolution. Images of this type may indicate that the dreamer is seeking a monetary inheritance or a chance to bury the hatchet in a relationship. In either case, the seeking may take a very humble or aggressive form, based on the dreamer's relationship to the source of blessing.

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