Tuesday, May 19, 2009


HolidaysHolidaysHolidays are interesting dream settings because they have so much meaning in our waking lives. They can be positive, as in instances of favored memories of family and traditions. They can also be traumatic, in terms of unmet expectations, loss, or absence of loved ones.

How the holiday comes into the dream story is important. If the dreamer knows of the holiday all along, then others' perceptions and participation in the holiday are important to consider.

However, sometimes everyone knows about the holiday except the dreamer. The dreamer may not be able to adequately prepare for or be able to participate in the holiday. This may reflect anxiety about the expectations of others and the willingness to fulfill those expectations. Sometimes we fall short because the expectations are inappropriate; not because we are incompetent. Either feeling or interpretation is an option.

Do others seem prepared for, appropriately excited about, and connected to your understanding of the holiday?

Are the gestures of celebration appropriate? Do you feel fulfilled, bemused, or empty after the dream?


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