Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A lot of things can happen to your home in a dream. It can be built or purchased, destroyed by the weather or war, or conquered or overrun by invaders. Most dreams about homes occur when there is transition, instability, or significant growth occurring in waking life.

.A home overrun is often reflective of instability in the dreamer's relationship to the world. Feeling overwhelmed is not unusual. However, if overwhelmed is the chronic condition of your life, then being overrun by a particular sort of person or animal may reflect the source of waking anxiety.

.The home destroyed may come with geographic relocation, financial pressures, death, or divorce. In these dreams, the home is being "pulled apart" or somehow losing its ability to provide safe haven. If this dream is occurring in your life, it is worth looking at what influences are stressing your life and the effect they are having on your waking life.

.A home built is an expansive view of what is happening in your life. Perhaps you are feeling an upswing in your job or financial base that will allow you to acquire additional opportunities. Perhaps a relationship is or will be changing from dating to nesting. In any case, the home-building dream should be considered a positive one.

.Because homes are often a symbol of feminine influence or the womb, interpretive questions arise logically from transitions. Are you or your partner pregnant and needing a "nest" for the expected progeny? Do you feel a need to involve yourself in a significant relationship with another? Do you feel rootless or too set in your ways?


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