Monday, May 25, 2009


LaughterLaughterIn dreams, we may feel emotions and responses to them much as we do in waking life. This is especially true about very funny and very sad events. Dream laughter may often come from a deeper level than waking laughter in that our emotional expressions are often more outward and unrestrained in a dream.

The interesting part is that dream laughter may also be very inappropriate. Since we often dream of ourselves as archetypal caricatures, we may laugh with a diabolical twist; whereas in waking, anger would be the more expected response. This sort of unchecked laughter can usually be an expression of the id.

.If you experienced laughter in a dream, did others laugh with you?

.Did you laugh at something inappropriate?.Did you feel ashamed or somehow empowered by laughing at such?



Morning Angel said...

I feel only good when I laugh in a dream. It's the most fantastic sensation on a level with ...well, the best.

There are no "diabolical twists," nothing "inappropriate," no dark anythings. A dream-laugh is PURE JOY, the kind of joy I couldn't achieve when awake, fraught as waking is with all-of-me.

It happens only rarely, but I don't believe it ever fails to trigger that meta-dreaming state (errr...that's called lucid dreaming, if I remember) so that I recall it afterward. How I cherish my dream-laughs.

By the way, I glanced through your profile (after finding you added my blog to your follow list), and you and I share some favorite music. Also, welcome to my blog.

Mimi said...

I dreamt once of something really funny. And really laughed hard on it, but its not an inappropriate one its really some good laughter I share with or maybe joy. Thanks for the follow. Happy blogging! I'll drop by again next time.

Anonymous said...

My dreams are usually twisted and gruesome! I've yet to laugh at something in my dreams.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

I don't recall ever laughing in a dream. I'd certainly prefer it to crying hysterically & screaming like a loon! Does anyone know what a loon is? :-)