Wednesday, May 27, 2009


LeopardLeopardSpotted animals are interesting symbols because of their nonconformity to a uniform color. Often we may see people as spotted or as leopards if we suspect them of shiftiness or insincerity.

To see a leopard mauling a kill, especially if it makes eye contact with you, likely means that you have been dealing with someone who you do not trust, and that you should take stock of recent dealings with that person and others like them.



C. Louis Wolfe said...

No wonder I keep gettin' mauled! I always make sure to change my spots to keep people confused. It works like a charm! :^)

THANKS for checkin' out my blog Jack, it means a lot! I'll try my best to entertain & amaze you w/absolutely nothing! Try not to fall a sleep. There's free coffee on the back table should you want some. Sorry, we ran out of donuts 15 minutes ago! ;-)

Suzy said...

You have a fascinating blog. I hope I can find one of my weird dreams in your posts.