Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Medical Personnel

Medical Personnel

Living in the age of technology, we are much less dependent on spiritual figures and much more on technical professionals. Consequently, if you have discord in your psyche, it may present itself as a medical dream.

Dreaming of medical persons takes on three general types of presentation: you as patient, you as medical professional, and you receiving nonsensical care from medical persons.

As patient, you are wanting someone to fix where it hurts. In dreaming, this is often a feeling of powerlessness or irresponsibility regarding matters in your own life. The area of physical discomfort probably symbolizes an area of emotional discord. This can be as obtuse a connection as you can imagine.

If you are the attending doctor or nurse, you may not know your patient, but you see yourself as empowered with the knowledge and skill to bring about healing. If you know the patient, so much the better. The dream may reflect a care-giving or supportive role you fulfill. The presenting symptoms of the patient may allude to a facet of the relationship where you may need to give additional attention.

Receiving nonsense care from doctors or nurses frequently falls into the category of being unable to communicate. Either others are not understanding your needs or you feel unable to articulate your needs. You may be experiencing a very lop-sided relationship in which your needs are going virtually unmet.

A romantic liaison with medical personnel is another dream scenario that often occurs. In dreams of this nature, you may be wanting your romantic interest of waking life to be more attentive to your personal needs. Or you may just be one of those people who gets crushes on doctors and nurses and are experiencing some dreamland wish-fulfillment.

A doctor may also appear in your dream as the person who is trying to save the life of someone close to you. This character is likely a projection of yourself, in the sense that you want to be able to help someone in need.

Does the doctor seem to ignore you or is she unable to understand your questions?

Does the doctor assure you that everything will be OK?


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