Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Medicine Man

Medicine ManMedicine ManThe medicine man is a figure that you may dream of in a literal sense, but often encounter in dreams of archetypal awareness. The figure of the medicine man is the figure of sacred knowledge, spiritual power, and healing that speaks not only to our bodies but to our souls.

As such, many dream characters-strangers as well as some family members or friends-may fulfill this role in the dream. The medicine man encounter is an encounter with the wisdom of the universal subconscious. There is something eerie, yet reassuring; safe, yet a little unnerving about the medicine man. The encounter often leaves us looking at the world a little differently for the presence of the medicine man. The important thing to remember is that this character's role is to be a ritual connection of past and future-physical world and spiritual world. As such, dreams concerning the medicine man often reveal our position at the intersection of these influences in our lives.

Do you see yourself as a healer-guide for others in your family or community?

Is the medicine man character (you or another person) benevolent, powerful, or taboo in comparison to mere mortals in the dream?

Medical Personnel

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